Flight Over Changbaishan


  • Concept development
  • Location research
  • Narrative & storyboard
  • Art direction

PEL were commissioned to create the media for a thrilling flying ride over Changbai mountain in northern China. The mountain is actually a dormant volcano set in 2000 km² of UNESCO recognized nature reserve.

The film was made using a variety of techniques. As well as aerial photography, photogrammetry was employed to capture some of the terrain and even individual trees and rocks. GPS elevation data was used to create accurate landscapes. The CGI team then pulled all these together using an incredible array of 2D and 3D skills.

Guests fly with a Manchu hunter’s falcon from the base of the mountain to the magnificent lake at the summit, passing many fabulous natural wonders along the way. The ride system suspends guests high in the air in front of a 20m half-dome screen and uses 6 degrees of motion, as well as wind, mist and scent effects combined with a superb sound track to create a fully immersive and exhilarating experience.